The Costa del Azahar

While Peñíscola is the best-known tourist destination along the Costa del Azahar, the region has a lot more to offer.

This beautiful stretch of coastline boasts some magnificent beach resorts, with sandy beaches and rocky coves, combined with a mountainous interior and spectacular views, a world away from these resorts.

The Costa del Azahar is a region with a rich history: from prehistory over the Middle Ages to early modern, modern and contemporary history.

This is reflected in the cities and villages the region has to offer. The area retains much of this rich history and culture. Each town and village has its unique reminders: from some of the best preserved cave paintings in the Mediterranean basin, to medieval and early modern architecture (castles, towers, monasteries, churches, hermitages, aristocratic mansions, etc. reminiscent of each period), combined with modern architecture, beautiful squares and city parks, etc.

The region is also home to several unique ecosystems, with its many natural parks, from the Sierra de Irta; the natural park of Panyagolosa, “the roof of the Valencian Community”; to the remote Natural Park of the Columbretes Islands, and everything in between.

Each place has something unique to offer; be it hot springs; a parrot park with over 50 different species of parrots (you can feed), macaws and cockatoos in large aviaries, flamingos, kangaroos and butterflies; an enchanted garden with talking trees; a museum with a full-scale replica of an iguanodon; etc.

You can read all about it on the pages “Beach Resorts” and “The Interior” of the Costa del Azahar.