The Interior of the Costa del Azahar

Cervera del Maestre

The mountainous interior of the Costa del Azahar is a world away from the coastal strip, with its many charming and authentic pueblos (villages) on rocky hills.

Cervera del Maestre is a perfect example. It is a lovely little village, located on a hill with a Moorish castle on top.


  • El Castillo de la Maestranza de Montesa was originally an Arab fortress, with 4 towers, built in the 13th century.
  • El Iglesia Parroquial, the parish church, with large bell tower, is dedicated to the Assumption of Maria,
  • El Ermita de San Sebastián was originally a medieval hospital.
  • El Molí de Aceite or El Molí de l’Oli is a perfectly preserved 17th century oil mill and currently houses the Oil Museum.


Tírig is a small town in the Maestrazgo, traditionally devoted to cattle raising and agriculture (almonds and olives).

It is home to some of the most important samples of Levantine cave paintings, dating from 7000 to 3500. The cave paintings are declared World Heritage by UNESCO. There are almost nine hundred painted figures depicting humans and animals, mainly in hunting scenes scattered around seventeen small caves in La Valltorta Valley.

The Museum of La Valltorta, located in Tírig, exhibits an interesting collection which includes reproductions of these cave paintings.


This sensational medieval fortress town rises from the hilltop, crowned by a castle that dominates the surrounding countryside, and girdled by a perfectly preserved wall of more than 2km long. The city was reconquered from the Moors in the 13th century by Jaime I. In the old part of Morella there are a several churches, abbeys and hermitages. There is also the 14th century aqueduct of Santa Lucía and a town hall, built between 1360 and 1420.

Museo Tiempo de los Dinosaurios: This museum exhibits a wide range of dinosaur fossils, from carnivores to herbivores, and geological finds discovered in the area. It features a full-scale replica of an iguanodon.

Vistabella del Maestrazgo

Vistabella del Maestrazgo (Valencian: Vistabella del Maestrat) is the highest municipality in the Valencian Community with an altitude of 1,249 m.

Parc Natural del Panyagolosa

El Peñagolosa / Panyagolosa is a mountain in in the Alcalatén area. Rising 1,814m above sea level, it is widely considered “the Roof of the Valencian Community” and one of its most emblematic places.

Since it stands quite isolated, it was long thought to be the highest peak in the region. (The highest peak of the Valencian Community is actually Cerro Calderón, 1,839m high, in the Valencian province, but it is much less charismatic than El Peñagolosa).

The Natural Park of Peñagolosa is a park around the massif with the same name.

The park is ideal for a nice day of hiking. There are several routes and different degrees of difficulty, but always with superb views. It has a unique and rich ecosystem, wildlife and flora that fills the air with delightful natural fragrances. A peaceful and quiet excursion guaranteed, accompanied by singing birds.

Whatever your ambitions are, it is a magical and wonderful place.


Vilafamés is a serene, picturesque little village where you can stroll in all peacefulness through the maze of beautiful narrow little streets bordered by little houses. The houses are embellished with all kinds of beautiful flowers, diffusing a delightful scent.

The village emanates history and culture, and combines it with stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

The highlight of Vilafamés is the old part, enfolded with the remains of the medieval walls and crowned by an imposing castle of Muslim origin and conquered by Jaime I. The foundations date back to the 11th century.


To unwind completely, head to Montejano’s Fuente de baños (Montejanos hot springs). Bound to delight, the Fuente de baños are located on a hight of 418m in a sensational natural environment between vegetated cliffs and waterfalls.

The water temperature is constantly 25 °C, which makes bathing enjoyable all year round. The composition of the water also makes it supposedly beneficial for your health.

The village Montanejos hosts an all-out spa, which uses water brought directly from the natural spring, if you’d wish to treat yourself (thermal bath, whirlpool, thermal jet, vaporarium, mud treatments, massages).